Simon and Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair
Controller 7: Follow the Lights/unknown
David Axelrod: Big B Plus
Sixtoo: Trapdoor
Kittie: Mouthful of Poison
Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost
The Undisputed Truth: Smiling Faces Sometimes
Dream Warriors: Wash Your Face In My Sink
South: Dolphins Were Junkies
Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground: Vicious
Bob Marley: Waiting in Vain
Fieldy: You Saved Me
The Bomarr Monk: Plywood Never Got Paid
tel.jim.jesus: Track 10
tel.jim.jesus: Track 11
Malcolm Catto: Rock
Sole: Puppetshow
Vincent Gallo: When
Beck: Nobody's Fault
Kelly Joe Phelps: Blackwater Side
Lamond Dozier: Going Back to My Roots
Shuggie Otis: Inspiration Information
Medeski, Martin and Wood: Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
Fleshies: Gooba Says There's No Tomorrow
Lowbrow: Gin in Heaven
Estradasphere: Meteorite Showers
The White Stripes: Sugar Never Tasted So Good
Them: Directions To My Special Place
tel.jim.jesus: Track 1
R.L. Burnside: Goin' Down South
Bardo Pond: Inside
Anticon: Pitty Party People
Restiform Bodies: Installation II
M.I.R.V.: "unknown jam"
Why?: Track 7
Chris Farley: Fat Guy in a Little Coat
Busta Rhymes: Fire
The Clash: White Riot
Supernova: Chewbacca
Chris Isaak: Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
Coko: I Ain't Feelin You
Cypress Hill: Spark Another Bowl
Puff Daddy: Come With Me
David Bowie and NIN: I'm Afraid of Americans
Jedi Mind Tricks: Books of Blood
Rage Against the Machine: Vietnow
Mazzy Star: Sweet Mary of Silence
House of Pain: On Point
Alice In Chains: Shame in You
Weezer and Soul Coughing: American Girls
Fela Kuti: Colonial Mentality
Tony Allen: Don't Fight
Tony Allen: Progress
Fela Kuti: I.T.T. pt 2
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra: Battle of the Species
Fela Kuti: Army Arrangement pt 2
PROFESSOR X: Revenge of the Fern
Michael Jackson: Wanna be Startin' Something
Jimi Hendrix: EXP
Jimi Hendrix: Up From the Skies
Spoon: Small Stakes
Justin Timberlake: Cry Me A River
Busta Rhymes: Pass the Corvossier pt 2
Mike Doughty: (?)
Sage Francis: Crack Pipes
Sage Francis: Different
Phat Man Dee: Life Just Goes On
Nelly: Hot in Here
Jarboe: My Buried Child (hidden bonus track)
A is for FLOWER
50 Cent: In Da Club
Mr. Lif: Status
Boom Bip: Roads Must Roll
Blue Man Group: Endless Column
Portishead: Cowboys
Sole: Da Baddest Poet
Mazzy Star: Into Dust
Peter Gabriel: Biko
Metallica: Damage Inc.
Pantera: Fucking Hostile
Life of Agony: River Runs Red
(possibly)Tool: ?
Clinton: People Power In the Disco Hour
Mr Bungle: Quote Unquote
Buckethead: Jump Man
Korn: Ass Itch
Sepultura: Attitude
System of a Down: Aerials
Kittie: In Winter
BigDumbFace: It's Right in Here(demo)
Sound Directions - Dice Game
Hella - Madonna Approaches R+B Blonde Wreckages
Paris Zax - Mellow Mission
Snoop Dogg - Snoop D.O. Double G.
Emerald - Fisherman's Dream
Edan - Rock and Roll
Monja - Gasy Mahay Mihano
Percee P - Throwback Rap Attack
David Axelrod - Tensity
Why? - Live From Anna's Cabin
Winter Flowers - Too Young To Marry
Busdriver - (?)
DJ Shadow and Dan The Automator - Djmedjyou / Disco Raj
Jel - Live Radio Appearance
Hemophiliac - The Black Radish
Sound Directions - A Divine Image
K-tel Tribute Mixes