I want to submit some vocals...what do I do?
1. Put some files on a CD-R.*
2. Mail the disk to:                 

*NOTES: The files must be 16bit 44100Khz .wav or .aif's.
Seperate songs should be in seperate folders.
Every song track should be mono.
I just want straight up vocals. No studio magic.
(you can equalize or auto-tune...but no reverb or echo or some shit like that, you will get tossed right quick)

If I use your lyrics on a free release I will send you a copy when it's done.
If it's ever done.
(it's up to you to inform me if you move. I will not look for you past the current address I have on file)
Do you sell your beats?
Of course I do. But...don't be stupid about it.

If you want an album's worth of DJCDCPX beats, it's gonna cost you about $5000.
(45 to 60 minutes of music)
It will be a performance challenge that will test your guts.

You want the best...pay someone else.
DJCDCPX is an evolving experiment in sound...
Please remember: DJCDCPX = 20 minutes or less

individual songs can be purchased for anywhere between 200 to 300 bucks.

If you happen to be interested...Cool.

Write me a letter, describe what your thinking, tell me a bit about yourself.
Include a Money Order payable to Biglet Records. You will get a response.

(if you order an individual beat, you'll get two to select your favorite from)
Do you collaborate?
In short...yes.

I won't talk to you though.
Truthfully, it's not that I don't like you...I'm just very short on time at the moment.

Send a disk of what you've got and include a description of what you think you'd like.
If I like the project I'll throw something quick on it.
It won't cost you anything and I won't give you any time line. Chances are if you don't
get anything in the mail within three weeks...you won't get anything at all.

I can only fit in a few collaborations a year...so if I don't get back to you on your first
project, hit me back in a year or two. Not a month later please.

Be sure to include a self addressed stamped envelope so I can mail you a response.
If I record for ya'...I'll foot the bill for the disk mailer.
All this stuff is subject to change.