Disk 1: Breakers
Disk 2: Running on Threes
Disk 3: Wolfs
Disk 4: Depression
Disk 5: Beat Sessions
Disk 6: Live 1
Disk 7: Live Set Two
Disk 8: The Living Mix
Disk 9: For Those Who Believe
Disk 10: Live Set 5
Disk 11: Red Dragon
Disk 12: Live Set 7
Disk 13: Live Set 8
Disk 14: Live Set 9
Disk 15: Lost Bets Get Fed
Disk 16: People Sitting in Stares
The intent was to record an album for each week of the coming year.
This series
would have been presented as a 52 volume set titled "Songs That Could Be Good".

"What can I say? I get a little carried away at times."

At any point during the year, you could have purchased a single volume for 6 dollars.
would have been a CD-R)

Full Disclosure: I never sold one, but I did make a copy of Breakers and Running On Threes for a good friend.

At any rate, this is the only hard-copy of these albums I will ever sell.
This is a year's worth of experimentation with sound and art.

(You will also receive several CD-R copies of LIVE 1. You can do what you wish with them.)
Keep Em' or Sell Em' . . . Totally up to you.

Full Disclosure: I may have given one or two more away...or I may not have. I don't really remember.

Please note that the CD's play best through a quality pair of of headphones with 40mm drivers.

In a little bit...you may purchase this collection from Biglet Records for 72,000 dollars.

more information about this collection to follow...

                                                                     P.S. This purchase may be upgraded by including several extras
Disk 17: Child
ABOVE: photographed images of the only "hand-made" CD-R copies.